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Student Regulations and Code of Conduct
1. Students/Trainees are expected to exhibit professional behaviour while attending lectures. Any action that generally interferes with the quality of tuition a class is receiving, which includes the use of mobile telephones or other electronic devices, or any form of abusive verbal or written communication may result in the withdrawal of Students/Trainees from the program.
2. Students/Trainees attending lectures at our tuition center may be required to sign in at the reception desk or submit themselves for account reconciliation at any time. Failure to reconcile account or provide evidence of payment on demand at any given time may result in Students/Trainees being refused entry into the classroom.
3. The firm will not be held responsible for loss of any personal items left unattended in any training room or on the premises.
4. All Students/Trainees undertaking any training with the firm are required to adhere to any notices or instructions given to them by any appropriate member of staff.
5. Smoking is not permitted within our premises. Students /Trainees who are considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will have their studentship/traineeship reviewed irrespective of the fees paid.
6. Even though we recognize that class attendance is not mandatory and Students/Trainees will not be compelled to attend or remain in class, we encourage full class attendance for the mutual success of the student and our firm.
7. Potable water is available free of charge through the Water Dispensers positioned at our Front Desks. Students/Trainees are free to take, with a cup, only the water to drink at any given time. The use of any form of receptacle, be it bottle, flask, etc to fetch water from the dispenser is prohibited. Refrigerated bottled water and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at modest prices and Students/Trainees may purchase any of these. It is an offence for any student to help himself or herself to any of these items without waiting to be served by our staff.
8. Photocopy service will be available at subsidized rate. The Copier will only be operated by our staff. Students/Trainees are not allowed to operate the machine.
9. Electrical and other appliances shall be operated by our staff only. Students/Trainees are not allowed to operate any device or equipment of the tuition house, such as airconditioners, computers, photocopying machine, etc.
10. Students/Trainees are encouraged to cooperate with the Security men on the premises at all times, especially in car parking arrangement.
11. Cars and Bikes are parked at owner’s risk.
12. It shall be an offence to fight, molest or batter a fellow student, tutor or administrative staff of the firm under any circumstance. Such offence shall result in the summary (immediate) cancellation of your Studentship/Traineeship.
13. Stealing or unauthorized possession of any item belonging to the firm, a fellow student or tutor shall result in the summary (immediate) cancellation of your Studentship/Traineeship and may require us to make a report, or bring the matter, to the attention of law enforcement agents.
14. It is our desire to reinforce professionalism and proper behavior in our students/trainees throughout the duration of their studies or training. Therefore, students/trainees should accept the guidance and mild correction or reprimand of our tutors and staff in good faith.

Terms and Conditions
1. Payment Terms
Initial payment shall not be less than 60% of the total tuition fees. Payment must be completed within one month of registration.
Incomplete payment after one month shall result in automatic withdrawal without any refunds and prohibition of entry into any classroom, except in the event of a special waiver obtained from the Training Director.
2. Cancellations, Deferrals, and Course Changes
Any course cancellation made by a student must be in writing or email to any of the firm’s official emails and not to the personal email of any staff. No refund is available for cancellations made after 10 working days of registration.
3. Intellectual Property
The use of Study texts and other materials is for educational purposes only, and Students/Trainees will not reproduce, retransmit, sell, extend, disseminate, publish, or broadcast any of such material.
4. Food Service
Effort shall be made to provide subsidized food service through a third party food vendor.