Our Excel training comes far above the average and in three variants. Please choose one or more of the following:
            Excel for Finance Professionals
            Excel for Business Application: Basic – Advanced
            Excel Dashboard course (Research has predicted that        
            Excel Dashboard is one of the skills that will be in high demand by 2020)
Depending on your selection, these Excel trainings combined will enable you to:
        ⦁ Become a Business Intelligence/Financial Analyst of the future
        ⦁ Present Financial and Business Reports with Graphic Animation
        ⦁ Prepare Automated/Self-updating Excel reports
        ⦁ Prepare, present and defend award-winning budgets with ease
        ⦁ Escalate your value as a finance/business advisory expert
        ⦁ Learn to use Excel as Dynamic Data Interface with Accounting Software
        ⦁ Embellish your financial reporting skills with Excel
        ⦁ Stand out from the crowd - Animate your report and presentation!

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