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It is no longer arguable that excess and unwarranted charges and interest occur in transactions with most banks in Nigeria. Human errors, software malfunction, application of unwarranted and unapproved charges, wrong computation of interest, wrong interpretation of regulatory pronouncements, non-adherence to ethical and regulatory requirements, etc are mostly responsible for such excesses on customer’s account.

We have 360 degrees (all round) competence in the prevention, detection and recovery of excess bank charges. Our experience spans 17 consecutive years covering virtually all industries and situations and customers of every Nigerian bank.

We are very professional in our work. We keep your information confidential while always aiming to excel.

Our team comprises of:

Seasoned and consummate professionals in the following relevant disciplines:
        ⦁ Chartered accountants
        ⦁ Forensic accountants
        ⦁ Lawyers
        ⦁ Credit administrators
        ⦁ Business Intelligence and Data Analysts
We would be delighted to place our competence at your service.

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