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ACCOUNTING TECHNICIANS WEST AFRICA EXAMS is meant for GCE, WAEC, NECO certificate holders who are in a hurry to progress in their career rather than wait for JAMB and admission protocols. NCE and ND holders receive commensurate exemptions.

ATSWA graduates are middle level accounting personnel that will support chartered accountants in the work place. It is recognized all over West Africa for employment in both private and public sectors of the economy. Some tertiary institutions (Universities and Polytechnics) accept it for direct entry admission into 200 level.
Graduates of the ATSWA exams receive the same level of exemptions from ICAN Exams that are granted to accounting graduates. Many ATSWA graduates are known to have passed with second class upper and first class in their degree exams and distinction in the HND polytechnic exams. They have also won prizes in the ICAN exams and in some cases, performed better than BSc and HND graduates. This is an attestation to the quality of knowledge provided by the program.

The exam is taken twice a year in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa in the months of April and September. It comprises of 3 levels as shown below. Please check the appropriate box to select the courses you are registering for:

         Basic Accounting Processes and Systems
        Business Law
        Communication Skills
         Principles and Practice of Financial Accounting
        Public Sector Accounting
        Quantitative Analysis
        Information Technology
        Principles of Auditing
        Cost Accounting
        Preparing Tax Computations and Returns

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